PhD Health Student Society Executive 2022-2023

Representing students in all years and at all stages of the PhD in Health program.

Gabriella Luongo


4th year | Health Administration

Helen wong

Vice President (Internal) & Third Year Rep.

3rd year | Health Administration

jennifer splane


2nd year | Nursing

patricia van roon


4th year | Communication Sciences

nicole doria

Co-Social Events Coordinator & All-But-Dissertation Rep.

4th year | Faculty of Health

julie campbell

Co-Social Events Coordinator

2nd year | Health and Human Performance

anam khan

Co-Communications Coordinator

3rd year | Social Work

jodi langley

Co-Communications Coordinator

2nd year | Health and Human Performance

laura kennedy

3-year Residency Representative

4th year | Health Administration

julia kontak

Second Year Representative

2nd year | Health and Human Performance

aleks budarick

Past President

4th year | Physiotherapy

Would you like to join the PhD Health Student Society?

Currently open executive positions include:

  • Vice President (External)
  • Treasurer
  • Academic Events Coordinator
  • First Year Representative

Note: Any position on the executive team can be shared by multiple students
(e.g., co-academic event coordinators)

send us an email if you would like to apply for one of these positions, or if you would like to contribute to the PhD HSS executive in a different way.